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Fast & Effective Commercial Drain Cleaning in Calgary

SOS Drain Cleaning offers high-quality commercial drain cleaning in Calgary for multi-family residences, office buildings, strip malls, warehouses, and restaurants. Our clients include building operators, property managers, maintenance staff, business owners, and landlords. We also subcontract for many local plumbing and mechanical services companies.

If you have a problem with your drain cleaning, we’re the experts that can do it for you.

How Our Commercial Drain Cleaning Company Helps

As the leading commercial drain cleaning company in Calgary, SOS Drain Cleaning offers the full range of drain cleaning and plumbing services since 1992, including:

Emergency Response - We have technicians on call at all times to deal with emergencies including drain clogs, backups, and leaks. All of our service vans are equipped with a full range of augers, including ones long enough to remove clogs from commercial building main sewer lines.

Main Sewer Line Maintenance - SOS Drain Cleaning provides maintenance cleanings of the main sewer lines at many local buildings, apartment complexes, strip malls, and restaurants. Maintenance and sewer cleanings help prevent costly and unpleasant sewer backups, and can be scheduled for off-peak hours.

Commercial Kitchen Drain Cleaning - Sink, dishwasher, and floor drains in commercial kitchens can clog constantly if not properly maintained. SOS Drain Cleaning provides both emergency clog removal and maintenance cleaning with our portable hydro-jetting machines.

Stack Cleaning - Vertical drain stacks in apartment buildings require periodic cleaning to remove buildup of grease and other substances. SOS Drain Cleaning provides free stack cleaning quotes, and tailors a cleaning plan to the specific needs and configuration of your property.

Plumbing Repair, Maintenance, and Installation - SOS Drain Cleaning can handle routine and emergency plumbing tasks, including installation and replacement of grease traps, hot water heaters, faucets, and all other fixtures.

Parkade Drain Cleaning - Over time, parkade drains fill up with grit and dirt and stop draining properly. Our technicians can clear parkade drain lines using hydro-jetters to restore flow and proper drainage.

Storm Drain Cleaning - Storm drains in buildings and parking lots can clog up due to leaves and debris, and can also freeze up during cold weather. Our high-pressure hot-water jetting truck can clear material out of storm drains and quickly melt away ice blockages.

Grease Trap Cleaning - City of Calgary bylaw requires commercial kitchens to have their grease interceptors cleaned every month. SOS Drain Cleaning cleans grease traps at affordable prices.

Our Commercial Customers

Our clients include:

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