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We Fix Calgary’s Floor Drain Backups

Most of the time people don’t pay any attention to floor drains. Floor drains are usually hidden away beside the furnace or in the laundry room, and unlike most other drains, most people never pour something down a floor drain. For that reason, it’s always an unpleasant surprise when water or sewage comes out of a floor drain. That’s not how drains are supposed to work!

When water or sewage comes out of a floor drain, it usually means that a drain line is blocked. The blockage is often in the main sewer line that connects the home or building to the city sewer system. When the main sewer line is clogged, any water or waste that goes down a drain elsewhere in the building will come out of the floor drain since it’s the lowest opening in the drain system.

When a main sewer line clogs, until it’s fixed you’re faced with a bad choice: either stop using all of the drains (especially the bathrooms!), or deal with an unpleasant sewage backup. Expensive and unpleasant water damage can result if the backup is allowed to continue for long.

If you notice a floor drain backup, call SOS Drain Cleaning immediately. Our friendly, experienced plumbers and drain technicians can quickly locate and remove the blockage before it turns into an emergency. 

Causes of Floor Drain Backups

One of the most common causes of floor drain backups is tree roots. Roots from trees and bushes near your main sewer line can get into pipe connections or cracks and start growing inside the line. When this happens, material flowing down your main sewer line can get caught on the roots and cause blockages and backups.

Low spots, sags, or “bellies” in your main sewer line can have a similar effect. As a building ages, the ground beneath the main sewer line can settle, causing the pipe to shift and form high and low points. Solid waste starts collecting in the low points because it can’t flow uphill, and when enough material accumulates, a main line backup occurs.

Other common causes of floor drain backups include lint buildup from washing machines and scale buildup in old cast iron or galvanized steel pipes.

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