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Assisting With Sewer Backups in Calgary Since 1992

Are you noticing that there’s a smell coming from your drains? Is the water bubbling at the surface or struggling to get down? Chances are that you might be experiencing a sewer backup - and that means you need SOS Drain Cleaning. 

Sewer backups in Calgary can be a nightmarish scenario for many people. The buildup of waste can make your home or business unsafe and unhealthy, as bacteria can spread. So it’s important that if you suspect a sewer backup in your drains, you speak to our team today. 

Our friendly and experienced technicians can quickly locate and remove the blockage before it turns into an emergency.

What Causes Sewer Backups?
A sewer backup occurs when an object or a pileup of things blocks the normal flow of wastewater from your property to the sewer. The blockage causes the sewage to back up into your property, causing you several hazards. The most common reasons that blockages occur are because: 

  • Tree roots or branches are stuck in the pipes, causing backflow
  • Pipes have deteriorated due to age or wear and tear 
  • Blockages at the main municipal sewer lines
  • Cracked, damaged, broken or collapsed sewer lines
  • A buildup of debris and grim, such as hair and oils
  • A buildup of objects, such as paper towels, wipes, cigarette butts, and food

In some cases, sewer backups occur slowly and over time due to an accumulation. In others, it can happen overnight if the blockage is big enough.

Signs You Need Sewer Backup Cleaning

There are many common causes of sewer backups in Calgary that require professional assistance. Here are some signs that you should call SOS Drain Cleaning: 

  • A foul smell coming from your drains
  • Water or waste takes too long to go down the drain (such as water accumulating) 
  • Water bubbles up at the surface of the drain
  • Toilets aren’t flushing as quickly as they should be
  • Water backs up in other drains

How SOS Can Help With Your Sewer Backup in Calgary

Depending on the problems you are facing, we might conduct a thorough inspection of the pipes and sewer line. 

We will push a high-resolution video camera through your drains or main sewer line using a long, flexible rod to see what could be causing the blockages. The video will be saved, and we will provide you with a written report on the findings.

Once we have determined the cause, we can administer the right method to clear and clean it: 

  • Using an auger, or a snake, which is a specialized tool that spins a long cable with a cutting bit at the end
  • Hydro-jetting, which is pressure-washing for the insides of your pipes. It is super effective for sewer line blockages 

Either of these sewer cleaning methods can be applied to both residential and commercial properties. Whatever you need, SOS Drain Cleaning has you covered.

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Don’t let sewer water flood back into your home or business and cause a disaster! As the leading experts in drain cleaning, we have the tools, expertise and knowledge to act fast and help you with your clogged sewer. Call our highly trained technicians at (403) 295-8989 or fill out our online contact form. 

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