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Fixing Kitchen Sink Clogs in Calgary, AB, and Nearby Areas

In many homes the kitchen sink is used more than any other drain in the house. And let’s be honest: most of us have poured grease or oil down the kitchen sink, or used a garburator to grind up food waste. Over time that grease, oil, and food waste can build up in pipes, causing slow drains, blockages, or backups. SOS Drain Cleaning’s expert drain technicians can fix these kitchen sink drain issues quickly and affordably.

Common Causes of Kitchen Sink Clogs

  1. Grease and fat buildup from cooking 
  2. Coffee grinds, eggshells, and other hard foods that don't break down easily
  3. Foreign objects stuck in the P-trap (the U-shaped pipe underneath the sink)
  4. Scale buildup in old cast iron or galvanized steel pipes

How We Fix Kitchen Sink Clogs

Our drain technicians usually fix drain clogs with a power auger, or snake. This specialized tool has a long cable that can remove clogs that are deep inside your drain. If the clog is particularly difficult, our technician may disassemble the piping underneath the sink to fit a larger tool, then put it back together afterwards and test it to ensure everything’s as good as new.

Each of our technicians has several augers of different lengths and sizes in their service van. In addition to augers, they also have a variety of specialized tools to remove difficult or unusual clogs.

For kitchen sink drains with a lot of grease buildup, we recommend hydro-jetting, or simply “jetting”. Jetting is the most effective way to remove grease and other soft deposits from pipe walls. Many of our restaurant customers have their kitchen drains jetted every few months to make sure they keep flowing the way they’re supposed to.

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Most plumbers only clean drains once and a while, and only have a small handheld tool. Our technicians and plumbers clean drains every day, and have a variety of equipment able to remove clogs from any drain line, no matter what the size.

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