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The Experts in Drain Cleaning and Augering

You use your drains every day, so it’s a good idea to keep them in great condition. SOS Drain Cleaning provides drain cleaning and augering services for all sorts of customers in Calgary and surrounding areas, from homeowners and apartment tenants to property managers and building operators. We can handle slow drains of every size from apartment kitchen sinks to main lines at commercial buildings, malls, and townhouse complexes. We’ll keep your drains clean and flowing!

How Important Is It To Have Clean Drains?

It's easy to take drains for granted, but a clogged drain can cause big problems when they clog up. Blocked drains can cause inconvenient and costly backups, flooding, and water damage. Blocked drains in restaurants and commercial facilities can also cause costly downtime, directly affecting your bottom line.

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What is Augering?

An auger, or snake, is a specialized tool that spins a long cable with a cutting bit at the end. The cable is fed into your drain line until the clog is reached. The cutting bit grinds up the clog, and the remaining fragments are washed into the city sewer system.

Each of our technicians carries several motorized augers in their service vans, ranging from small handheld units for removing clogs from sinks and bathtubs to large cart-mounted units for cleaning main sewer lines.

What is Hydro-Jetting?

Hydro-jetting is a drain cleaning service technique that uses high-pressure water to clear grease, scale, and other debris off of pipe walls, out of drains, and into the city sewer system. Jetting cleans more thoroughly than augering does, and is the preferred technique for cleaning large drain lines such as main sewer lines at homes, multi-family residences, as well as for commercial drain cleaning service.

How Do Clogged Drains Affect You?

Clogged or slow drains can make doing the dishes, taking a shower, or even just using a sink frustrating or impossible. If any of your fixtures are gurgling or draining slowly, it may be because of a partially clogged drain line. The main causes of clogged drains are usually built-up deposits from years of use, foreign objects in the drain, or tree roots.

Why Should You Work With SOS Drain Cleaning?

We’re a licensed and insured drain service and plumbing company that’s been serving Calgary since 1992. Most plumbing companies only provide drain cleaning service on the side, but we clean drains all day every day, and that experience helps us clear clogs more effectively and more affordably than other plumbers.

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