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Hydro-Jetting in Calgary and Nearby Areas

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Hydro-jetting uses pressurized water to thoroughly clean your drains -- it’s basically pressure-washing for the insides of your pipes. Hydro-jetting (or simply “jetting”) scrubs away grease and other deposits, and pushes debris and accumulated particles out into the city sewer system.

When kitchen sinks drain slowly, the cause is usually grease and food particle buildup in the drain line. Hydro-jetting is the most effective method for cleaning out these deposits and getting your sinks draining like new. Restaurants throughout Calgary trust SOS Drain Cleaning to jet their kitchen drains, and you can as well.

Jetting is also an effective technique for keeping your main sewer lines flowing well. All of your home’s drains empty into the main sewer line, including the kitchen sink and dishwasher drains. For this reason, blockages in your main sewer line can affect all of the drains in your home. Over time grease can build up and cause slow drains and backups. Debris and waste can also accumulate in low spots (or “bellies”) in the main sewer line and cause problems. Jetting effectively clears deposits and helps prevent unpleasant drain issues.

Commercial Hydro-Jetting Services

Jetting is particularly helpful for commercial properties, including strip malls and multi-family residences. Strip malls often have several restaurants putting grease into the drain lines all day, every day. Multi-family residences can experience grease buildup from kitchens in dozens of apartments. Despite this, in many commercial properties the main sewer line isn’t any bigger than that of a single-family home. 

Clogs in a commercial property’s main sewer line can cause expensive sewage backups, business downtime, and unhappy tenants. For all of these reasons, it’s important to clean your property’s main sewer line every few months. SOS Drain Cleaning jets the main sewer lines at many Calgary-area apartment buildings and strip malls, and we would be happy to provide a free estimate for your property as well.

Vertical drain stacks in multi-storey apartment buildings can also clog due to kitchen grease or other problems. When a stack is blocked, everything that goes into upper-floor drains will come out in the unit right above the clog. This is very unpleasant for the resident, and can quickly cause flooding and water damage if not fixed immediately. If your building’s residents are experiencing frequent clogs, call SOS Drain Cleaning for a free stack cleaning estimate.

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