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Learning how and why cleaning your drains is necessary can be daunting. One struggle Calgary, Airdrie, and Okotoks customers remind us of often is knowing what you can do by yourself and when you need professional drain maintenance or service.

SOS Drain Cleaning has decades of experience that help us tackle the most common problems and the most peculiar issues found in your home’s pipes and wastewater mains.

Snaking & Augering

Many instinctually reach for boiling or near-boiling water when they notice a lack of decent drainage in their home. And that’s great. But there’s one step you can take that does wonders, and it’s a great place to start when you notice your drains aren’t carrying wastewater away fast enough. Investing in snaking or augering equipment can clear moderate blockages that have sprung up–and make you feel like a pro.

Keep Grease and Oil Away from Your Drains

Prevention is often the best antidote. If you keep animal fats, oils, and other grocery items or organic substances away from your drains, your cleaning efforts will go that much smoother. Many substances that make for great cooking solidify at or near room temperature, which can harden and trap bigger particles. At that point, you’ll have a hard-to-clear drainage clog.

Avoid Harmful Chemicals

We’ve said it before on our bit about cleaning toilets, and we’ll say it again. Some of the best-advertised drain cleaning solutions offer little actual help with clearing blockages, while wreaking havoc on mother nature, well after they’ve run their course through municipal water lines. We recommend thinking twice before you pour harsh chemicals down your drain.

Eco-Friendly Drain Cleaning Enzymes

The drain cleaning product market is getting greener. Now, if you’re looking to tackle clogs, you can rely on biological enzymes to do the work. Enzymatic cleaners break down grease, bacteria, or mould organically. When they end up in the environment, they don’t do nearly as much damage as harmful chemicals would. Combining these enzymes with other drain cleaning methods also helps tremendously.

Call in for Professional Drain Cleaning

There comes a time when you need to decide whether it’s worth it to call in the cavalry. When your main sewer line might be the source of your drainage problems, it could be more trouble than it’s worth to handle it on your own.

SOS Drain Cleaning employs gold-standard methodologies and tools to keep drain cleaning effective and efficient. We can easily use DIY drain cleaning methods, and we bring more advanced equipment like hydro jets and sewer cameras into the picture. It’s a lot easier to rely on our equipment and skill set than to look into getting these materials for yourself.

With 25 years of experience, SOS Drain Cleaning knows how to offer amazing plumbing services in Calgary. Whether you are looking for drain cleaning, sewer backup repair, hydro jetting or other general plumbing assistance, this team of professionals is here to help. Contact SOS Drain Cleaning today at 403-295-8989 for service in Calgary, Cochrane, Airdrie, Okotoks, Chestermere and more!

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